Adoption and Guardianships in Las Vegas


At The Jacks Law Group, we are honored to help families grow and provide loving homes for children through adoption. Our attorneys provide experienced and empathetic guidance throughout the process, always accessible with the answers and information you need to feel fully informed and prepared. Depending on the circumstances of the adoption, this can be a lengthy or complicated process, but we are committed to partnering with you to handle the legal issues and protect your family.

Domestic, Grandparent, And Stepparent Adoption

Our firm represents parents and families in all forms of adoption, including domestic adoption, surrogacy births, international adoption, stepparent adoption, and grandparent adoption. We provide customized strategies for completing the adoption with the fewest obstacles and interruptions possible. Our experience in this area helps us to foresee potential issues or roadblocks and prepare to face those issues early on in your case.

If an adoption will require the termination of a biological parent's parental rights, we are prepared to handle that complicated process and keep the adoption moving forward for the best interests of the child.

Guardianship Options For Parents

In some cases, parents may seek to establish a guardianship for the child during a time when they are unable to care for the child or unavoidable circumstances arise. This could include upcoming medical procedures, extended time out of the country or family circumstances.

A guardianship allows the parent to establish another family member or loved one as the child's legal guardian for a period of time. During this time, the guardian will have parental and legal rights to care for the child.

Our firm helps you find the legal solutions you need to protect the best interests of your child and ensure that he or she is cared for, no matter what happens.

Serving Your Legal Needs

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