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By establishing paternity and proving that you are your child's father, you protect yourself and your parental rights, no matter what happens to your relationship with the mother. It is critical that fathers establish their legal rights to the child as soon as possible. The longer a father waits, the harder it is to establish paternity and gain fathers' rights later.If you are married to the mother at the time of your child's birth, you are automatically presumed to be the biological father. This can be rebutted by clear an convincing evidence, such as a DNA test if necessary.If you and the mother are unmarried at the birth, there are more steps you must take to legally establish your place as father, regardless of your relationship to the mother. In many cases, the father will be required to take a DNA paternity test. If you are establishing paternity immediately after the child's birth, you should make sure that your name is on the child's birth certificate. If the mother refuses to put your name on the birth certificate, you may have to take the DNA test to have your name put on the birth certificate. After establishing paternity, you are free to petition for joint custody and visitation, taking an active role in the child's life.Helping You Establish Paternity And Seek Custody Rights In Your Child's Life

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