Termination Of Parental Rights


Termination of parental rights is a serious matter and is rarely granted by the court, except in extreme cases where it is entirely necessary. When it is necessary, however, and you are fighting for the best interests of your child, it is important that you have a lawyer on your side who has been successful in these proceedings and understands what must be done.Attorney David Jacks is experienced in handling termination of parental rights cases and is committed to providing the legal strategies parents need to protect their children from grave situations. From personal experience, he understands the gravity of the situation and the strain parents are under as they fight for the best interests of their children. He devotes the utmost preparation to ensure the best result possible in the case.

Legal Solutions To Protect Your Child From An Unfit Parent

Termination of parental rights essentially ensures that the biological parent in question is considered to never have become the parent the child. It cuts off all parental rights and obligations for the child, including the inheritance rights of the child to the parent.

In some cases, the biological parent consents, such as situations where a family member or other party will adopt the child when the parent can no longer care for him or her. In other cases, however, the biological parent either hasn't consented or is fighting the termination.

These cases are extremely difficult as the judge will rarely cut off parental rights to a parent who is claiming to want to be in the child's life as Termination of Parental Rights is tantamount to a civil death sentence according to our Nevada Supreme Court. There must usually be evidence of abuse, abandonment or a pattern of such bad behavior that the child is endangered.

Family law attorney David Jacks has been successful in fighting for termination in these cases, protecting the best interests of the child. He is committed to preparing for all situations and contingencies. He will provide you with a realistic understanding of where your situation stands and the options available to you.

In most cases, it is best to show the judge that an adoption is ready (including paperwork ready to be signed for immediate adoption of the child) to prove that this is in the child's best interests and he or she will immediately be cared for by two parents. Our team will work with you to prepare this and ensure there is not a lapse of care for the child.

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