Violent Crimes in Las Vegas


A violent crime in Nevada occurs when an individual uses or threatens the use of force on another person. A person who is charged with this type of crime could face serious consequences, including fines and time behind bars. As the penalty for a violent crime conviction can be quite severe, if you are facing charges for this type of crime it is a good idea to discuss your case with a competent and experienced Nevada criminal defense lawyer. A Las Vegas Violent Crime Attorney  can explain the possible consequences you are facing and the options that are available to you. Contact the Jacks Law Group today at (702) 834-6300.

Types of Violent Crimes

There are a number of different offenses that considered to be 'violent crimes' in Nevada. The following list is comprised of various violent offenses one could possibly be charged with:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Homicide
  • Murder (in any degree or form)
  • Manslaughter
  • Battery
  • Rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Arson
  • Sexual assault
  • Armed robbery
  • Child abuse

In Nevada, crimes are typically categorized as either misdemeanor or felony offenses. Misdemeanor offenses are less serious crimes and are punishable by up to a year in a prison. A felony is a more serious charge and this kind of offense is punishable by more than one year behind bars. Violent crimes are considered to be felonies.

Penalties for Violent Crimes in Nevada

The law varies from state to state as do the penalties that a state will impose on a person convicted of a crime. Most states have strict penalties for violent crimes and Nevada is no exception. A person who is found guilty of a violent crime can face serious consequences depending on what type of crime the person was convicted of.

Felonies in Nevada

Different felonies carry different penalties. The severity of a penalty depends on several factors, including the nature of the crime, the attitudes of the jury and judge, the type of violent crime, the jurisdiction, how much harm was inflicted, etc. The following is a list of the classification of felonies in the state of Nevada, starting with the most serious felony category to the least serious:

Class A Felony

Crimes that resulted in significant bodily injury or a fatality are included in this class. Murder in the first and second degree are included fall into this category, as does first-degree kidnapping, the use or marketing of child pornography, sexual assault and battery with the intent to commit sexual assault.

A Class A felony is punishable by either life in prison with a possibility of parole, life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Class B Felony

This classification of a felony will result in a less severe penalties but are still considered pretty serious. Crimes such as reckless driving that results in serious bodily injury or a casualty and the possession of child pornography as a first offense are some of the serious crimes in this category.

A Class B felony is punishable by between 1 and up to 20 years in a Nevada prison, and possibly a hefty fine.

Class C Felony

The crimes classified as a Class C penalty are those that involve receiving or buying stolen items, violating a restraining order, or stalking using the internet, text messages or any other mechanism.

If convicted of a crime in this class, the court can sentence a defendant time in a Nevada prison from 1 to 5 years and a mandatory fine that can not exceed $10,000.

Category D felony

This category consists of crimes like manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and arson in the third degree.

A conviction involving of these crimes will result in imprisonment ranging from 1 to 4 years and a fine up to $5,000.

Class E Felony

A crime listed in this category are more petty in comparison to those listed above. These crimes include criminal gang recruitment by an adult and the prostitution involving a minor.

A charge of any of these crimes in Nevada under the classification of a Class E felony usually results in a prison term from 1 to 4 years, but frequently the state has ordered to suspend this penalty and sentence defendants with probation, or one year in jail and probation.

If the court finds that a weapon was used to allegedly commit a violent crime, a charge could become exacerbated and be recategorized in a more serious class.

Other Considerations

A violent crime conviction can have a significant impact on your life, even after you have paid your debt to society and completed the sentence handed down by the judicial system. If you have a violent crime on you record it can affect things like finding a job, looking for an apartment or house, and receiving assistance from the government. That is part of the reason it is so important to have a knowledgeable and skilled Nevada criminal defense attorney on your side, fighting for your rights.

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