Alimony, also known as spousal support involves payment by one former spouse to the other. In Las Vegas, alimony can begin during the divorce. Pursuant to NRS 125.040, until the parties are divorced, Alimony is called “temporary maintenance” and temporary mainenance or alimony can be awarded to the other party for their support, provide temporary support for children of the parties, or even to enable the other party to carry on or defend their lawsuit.

Clients often ask, “How much alimony do I have to pay?” Unfortunately, there is no way to determine exactly how much temporary maintenance or alimony has to be paid. Unlike child support, an alimony formula does not exist. The reason that a formula does not exist is that there are many factors under Nevada law that apply and ultimately it comes down to one party's need versus the other party's ability to pay and how much for how long. In Las Vegas, alimony and temporary maintenance is discretionary so an experienced attorney is necessary to protect your rights.

For purposes of discussion, we will call “Spousal Support” the amount that is awarded during the divorce process and “Alimony” that amount of any post-divorce continuing payment. 

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Modification of Alimony

In Las Vegas, alimony may be modifiable up or down if either party can establish that a material change of circumstances occurred. For instance, did either party suddenly become unemployed or receive a significant promotion at work? That could be a material change. If you believe that there has been a material change in your case, you should contact The Jacks Law Group and schedule an appointment to determine whether you can have your alimony order changed.

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