I hired The Jacks a second time for another challenging trial with my Ex. I am still in awe of the staff. They had me work closely with his office team, Leah and Jamie, to keep my costs down. They are amazing. They know my case like the back of their hand. Communication is always easy and always very honest. This team is very caring and straight forward. I was never surprised because they always set realistic expectations for me. When it came time to go to court, we were looking at at minimum another year. Mr. Jacks sat down with my ex and I, and very patiently found a settlement that we could both agree on. He and I have not agreed on anything in about 10 years yet with his help we found something we are both satisfied with. I am still shocked this could happen at all. Mr. Jacks is my go to attorney! He has, in my opinion, absolutely amazing and has the best team working for him. They all do what is right for the client, even if it is not lining their pockets. Mr. Jacks could have easily agreed to go to another court/trial and increase his fees. He didn't. I would recommend this legal team again and again. If you have a hard situation and need someone who will tackle an issue, call them!

– Delainia F

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