Relocating Out Of Nevada With Children

Moving out of Nevada

If you wish to move out of Nevada or move to an area of the state far enough away from the other parent that it would harm their relationship with the child, both parents must agree to the relocation. If a parent will not sign a petition for the move, you must petition the court for permission. The court will grant permission if you can demonstrate that you have a “sensible, good faith reason” for the move and that the move is in the child's best interest. If you do not have primary physical custody of the child, you must also demonstrate that it would be in the child's best interest for you to have primary physical custody.

Legal Counsel for Modifications in Las Vegas

If you are concerned about the current custody arrangement of your child or children, you may want to speak to an attorney who can help you navigate the sometimes complex process of modifying a custody agreement. An experienced family law attorney can often mediate between parents and help you come to an agreement that will work the best for the continued health and happiness of your children. Call The Jacks Law Group today at (702) 834-6300 to consult on your case, or contact us online.

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