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What is Family Law?

The phrase "family law" often conjures to mind images of families torn up by divorce, or struggling in a custody battle. While in certain cases these images are true, negotiations for divorce, support and custody do not always result in a bitter struggle between former spouses, or estranged parents. Many times negotiation is the key to ensuring that the process results in the very thing that both parties involved want, namely, what is best for their family.

Assuming that both parties have the same goal in mind, when the law and people's emotions become entangled, these situations can become stressful. An experienced attorney can help you negotiate through the different areas of family law.

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  • Legal Options In Preparing For Divorce And As You File 

Community Property Division

  • Dividing Property and Assets That Were Acquired During The Marriage

Community Debt Division

  • Dividing The Parties Debt That Was Acquired During The Marriage

Child Custody

  • Custody And Visitation With Unmarried Parents

Child Custody Modification In Las Vegas

  • Modify Your Custody Order

Relocation Out Of Las Vegas With Children

  • Legally Relocate With Children

Child Support

  • Guiding You Through The Complexities 


  • How Do I Get Alimony? Clear Explanations

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