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My husband left me on Halloween, which was 37 years after our first date. I spent the year before he left nursing him through cancer and I was floored. I had no plans, no money saved, no job, and I was responsible for our son, who has autism. When he left, I was in my final year of the degree I had struggled to finish for most of our marriage. He told me that he would only pay me alimony for two years. I was terrified. How would I pay for health insurance? I would lose our house, and I would probably work until I died. My sister's husband, a trial attorney, recommended David Jacks. After our first meeting I was so relieved. I found out that I was due alimony for at least half the length of our marriage (or longer). I also found out my husband would be responsible for a lot more than he tried to tell me! David was professional and supportive throughout the process. My husband and I negotiated for almost a year, and David was patient with all of the changes we made. Eventually, David helped me get a settlement that gave me enough alimony to finish school and pay off a house. In addition, I found out I was due half my husband's retirement, so I wouldn't be penniless in my old age! My life is so much better than when I was married. I have peace of mind and an exciting future ahead. Everything changed the day I walked into David's office. I am so grateful I found him. He was efficient and responsive and helped me get what I needed to get on with my life! Though my divorce is over, I plan to keep David in my contacts... just in case I need him again. I highly recommend David to any woman going through a tough divorce with a heartless, selfish man!

– Laura Nelson

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