Understanding Parenting Coordinators in Las Vegas

Posted by David Jacks | May 30, 2024

Parenting coordinators play a crucial role in helping parents navigate child custody and visitation disputes. In Las Vegas, these professionals come from various backgrounds and possess different areas of expertise. This blog will explore the types of parenting coordinators available and provide recommendations on which type might be best suited for different situations.

Types of Parenting Coordinators

  1. Licensed Mental Health Professionals

    • Who They Are: Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and licensed marriage and family therapists.
    • What They Do: Use their expertise in child development and family dynamics to assist parents in resolving conflicts and improving communication.
    • Best For: Situations where emotional and psychological issues are at the forefront, such as cases involving high-conflict personalities or mental health concerns of parents or children.
  2. Attorneys with Family Law Experience

    • Who They Are: Family law attorneys with extensive knowledge of custody laws and court procedures.
    • What They Do: Provide legal insights, help enforce existing custody orders, and ensure compliance with legal standards.
    • Best For: Cases where legal complexities and compliance with custody orders are primary concerns, such as disputes over the interpretation of custody agreements or violations of court orders.
  3. Mediators with Specialized Training

    • Who They Are: Professionals trained in mediation and conflict resolution.
    • What They Do: Facilitate discussions between parents to help them reach mutually acceptable agreements without further court intervention.
    • Best For: Situations where communication has broken down but parents are willing to work together to find solutions, such as disputes over scheduling and minor disagreements.
  4. Child and Family Specialists

    • Who They Are: Professionals with specific training and experience in dealing with children's needs and family systems.
    • What They Do: Focus on the child's welfare and work to create a stable and supportive environment for the child.
    • Best For: Cases where the primary concern is the well-being of the child, such as disputes involving special needs children or cases where the child's adjustment to parenting plans is in question.
  5. Hybrid Coordinators

    • Who They Are: Professionals with a combination of qualifications, such as a mental health professional with mediation training or an attorney with a background in psychology.
    • What They Do: Bring a comprehensive approach to resolving family disputes by integrating their diverse expertise.
    • Best For: Complex cases that require a multi-faceted approach, such as high-conflict divorces involving both legal and psychological issues.

Recommendations for Different Situations

  • High-Conflict Personalities: A Licensed Mental Health Professional is often the best choice as they can address the emotional and psychological aspects of the conflict.
  • Legal Compliance and Enforcement: An Attorney with Family Law Experience is ideal for ensuring that custody orders are followed and legal standards are maintained.
  • Communication Breakdown: A Mediator with Specialized Training can facilitate effective communication and help parents reach agreements without court intervention.
  • Child's Welfare Focus: A Child and Family Specialist is best suited for cases where the child's needs and well-being are the primary concerns.
  • Complex Cases: A Hybrid Coordinator can provide a comprehensive approach, addressing both legal and psychological aspects of the dispute.

Choosing the right parenting coordinator is crucial for resolving disputes efficiently and ensuring the best outcomes for children. By understanding the types of professionals available and their areas of expertise, parents can make informed decisions that best suit their family's needs.


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