Divorce party or no divorce party? The choice is yours

Posted by David Jacks | Nov 23, 2015

On behalf of The Jacks Law Group posted in high asset divorce on Thursday, June 11, 2015.

Should divorce be mourned and endured, or should it be celebrated? There is no right answer to this question, and an increasing number of Americans believe that divorce can be both lamented and celebrated – at different times, of course.

In the past five years or so, “divorce parties” have turned from an obscure trend into a nationwide phenomenon. In most cases, divorcees don't celebrate until around the time that the divorce gets finalized. And just like marriages and divorces, divorce parties are as unique as the people involved.

So why have a divorce party? The most straightforward answer is that divorce is emotionally exhausting, so finishing up this difficult chapter in your life is worth celebrating. But, there are other good arguments to be made as well.

You may want to throw a divorce party because:

  • You want to thank your friends and family for sticking by you and supporting you during the divorce
  • You want an easy, one-time event to announce that you are divorced (rather than having a bunch of individual conversations)
  • You want to put yourself “back on the market” and announce that you are once again single
  • You have finished grieving for the marriage and you want to celebrate the new chapter you are starting in life
  • You just need a good, stiff drink

Divorce parties can be high-production events with themed cakes, party favors and general extravagance. But they can also be relatively low-key get-togethers with friends. The choice is entirely yours.

Many people who want to celebrate come to Las Vegas for a wild weekend. So if you live here all the time, does that mean you have to have a divorce party? The answer is no – but it sure would be easy to plan if you did choose to have one.

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