Top Pet-Friendly Divorce Agreements: Creative Solutions for Pet Custody in Nevada

Posted by David Jacks | May 18, 2024

Divorce can be a challenging process, and for many pet owners in Nevada, deciding who keeps the beloved pet adds an additional layer of complexity. In Nevada, pets are considered personal property, meaning the court treats them similarly to other assets. However, creative solutions can ensure the best interest of the pet is prioritized.

Creative Solutions for Pet Custody

  1. Shared Custody Arrangements: Similar to child custody, couples can agree on a schedule where the pet spends time with each party. This can involve alternating weeks, weekends, or specific days.

  2. Visitation Rights: If one party is awarded full custody, the other may negotiate for visitation rights, allowing them to spend quality time with the pet.

  3. Pet Support Agreements: Similar to child support, one party may agree to contribute financially to the pet's care, covering expenses like food, grooming, and veterinary bills.

  4. Pet Trusts: Establishing a trust for the pet's care ensures that funds are available for the pet's needs regardless of who has custody.

  5. Mediation: Utilizing a mediator can help the parties come to an amicable agreement regarding pet custody, ensuring the pet's welfare is considered.

Legal Considerations in Nevada

In Nevada, courts typically consider the following factors when deciding pet custody:

  • Ownership: Proof of purchase or adoption records.
  • Primary Caregiver: Evidence of who primarily takes care of the pet, including feeding, grooming, and medical care.
  • Living Conditions: Which party can provide a more suitable living environment for the pet.
  • Financial Stability: The ability of each party to financially support the pet's needs.

If the parties cannot decide on their own, the court will award the pet to one party or the other based on these factors unless the parties can agree to a custody situation.


Navigating pet custody during a divorce can be emotionally taxing. It is crucial to approach the situation with the pet's best interest in mind and to explore creative solutions that ensure their well-being. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney at The Jacks Law Group can provide valuable guidance and help achieve a fair and amicable agreement.

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