Can you put child support in your prenup?

Posted by David Jacks | Nov 23, 2015

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If you're drafting a prenup in Las Vegas, you're already thinking about the future. You're thinking about what may happen if you and your spouse-to-be ever decide that you want to call things off and get a divorce. A natural line of thinking that springs from this is to consider that you may have children at the time you split up.

As a result, some people decide that they want to put child support regulations in their prenups. After all, the prenup is to square away assets and income after a divorce, and child support can be a huge part of that.

However, you're not actually allowed to address child support at all when a prenuptial agreement is made. Yes, it does have a financial impact on you, but you can't do anything about it since child support payments are usually up to the court.

The risk is that someone would sign away his or her rights to child support in a prenup, perhaps not thinking that the document would ever be needed. After a divorce, though, that person may not have enough money to raise the children safely and properly. If the prenup could keep the other party from having to support the children at all, or could at least reduce how much support was given out drastically, it would not be fair to those children. Parents are not allowed to sign away their children's rights in this fashion.

As you write up your prenup, be sure you know exactly what the law says you can and cannot include to have a legally binding document.

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