Potentially embarrassing prenup questions

Posted by David Jacks | Nov 23, 2015

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Prenups are clearly quite important, but many people in Las Vegas are embarrassed to talk about them. They feel like bringing them up means they don't actually love or trust the person they are about to marry. Below are a few questions that should be asked, though, and it's important to get the legal answers, no matter how embarrassed you may feel.

1. Do those without a ton of wealth need prenups?

The wealthy often know they need prenups because they have so much in assets, but they can also help those who have less. There could still be significant losses in the course of a divorce. For example, if you paid for your spouse to go to college while the two of you were together, and then you divorced just after graduation, you'll still lose a ton even though you may not have all that much in investments or the bank.

2. Do prenups just divide assets?

The main focus of most prenups is dividing assets. However, other things may be addressed as well, such as a fee if your spouse cheats on you or who gets the family pets. Importantly, it should be noted that child custody can't be entered into a prenup.

3. Can a married couple get a prenup?

In short, no. Once you're married, a prenup is no longer an option. However, a very similar document can provide some of the same protections. It is called a postnuptial agreement. If you and your spouse got married and you're now regretting not having a prenup, you can both agree on one of these documents after the wedding day.

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